Saturday, September 24, 2011

"Emily's Story" Summer 1990 by fraroc

Summer 1990

Emily’s Mom: EMILY!!! COME ON!! It’s time to show you the surprise!
Emily: I’m coming, Mom!

Surprises are always a good thing, whether it’s ice cream or a birthday present. That’s why I’ve always looked forward to them. And because Mom and Dad were taking me to my surprise by car, I was as excited as ever!

My name is Emily Hartman; I’m 19 years old and a freshman in college looking foreward to starting a new life of my own. I was very popular in high school and most of my teen years were spent getting piss drunk at parties and sleeping with the entire football team. Now that I’m out of high school, I really want to clean up my act and start a new life...find a husband...start a family..

Fifteen minutes later, I arrived at my destination.

Emily’s Dad: Well, here it is! How do you like it?

It was about a story high, 2 bedrooms 1 bathroom, and it had a backyard. My surprise was my very own HOME!!

I can see that my parents bought this house with me in mind, seeing that all the walls were periwinkle, my favorite color!

My back yard even had a Jacuzzi! I love Jacuzzis! It’s very peaceful in my backyard. 2 tall elm trees border the fence with benches, perfect for picnics with my future children, if I have any that is.....

Emily: I love it, Daddy! Thank you!
Emily’s Dad: Awwww Your welcome. Don’t forget to thank your mother too! She’s the one who put the deposit on the house!

Emily: I love it, Mommy!!
Emily’s Mom: I knew you’d love it!

After Mom and Dad were gone, I knew right away there was some serious decorating and remodeling that needed to be done!

The first room that got done was the kitchen, as much as I LOVE eating out all the time, it can be a bit fattening!

I decided to take the bedroom on the left, I had bought a queen sized bed, just in case I’m not sleeping in my lonesome anymore!

Pretty soon, the entire house was done; I was ready to face life for the first time!

Many of my friends still drop by. Take Tricia for Example! She’s been a good friend of mine since high school!

Mom and Dad visit constantly. I guess they just want to know how I’ve settled in so far. No matter what, Mom and Dad will always view me as their little girl.

Bull sessions with my Dad are always in order.

I even still have Nightly pillow chats with Mother!

One good thing about Cardigan Springs is that I live right by their local Mall! It’s a good place for meeting friends and shopping!
I think I’m gonna like my new life!

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