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"Emily's Story" Fall 1990 by Fraroc

Fall 1990

I was bored, very bored. It’s now the middle of the school year, the weather is getting colder and the sky is becoming greyer, It officially feels just like October. Friends still drop by but with less frequency because of the school year. I barely leave my house anymore because of my studies! I GOT to get out more!

Soon, my telephone rang, it was my best friend ever, Melissa.

Melissa: Hey girlfriend!! How’s my sister from another mister doin’?
Emily: I’m fine, what about you?
Melissa: I’m doing great! I have a surprise for you! Can I come over in say....a half an hour?
Emily: Sure! Why the hell not?!

Melissa: I got tickets for a concert at the Cardigan Civic Center!
Emily: Who’s playing?
Melissa: This band called RoughRider, I got their CD! Let’s listen to it!

Their music was absolutely amazing! It really reminded me of all the rock bands in the 80s!,which is my favorite music! It had a hard rockin’ edge but with a danceable beat. It’s kind of a mix between AC/DC, Bon Jovi, Whitesnake, and Van Halen.

Melissa: And guess what else? The concert is scheduled for TONIGHT!! And look here! We get FIRST ROW!!! SOUNDCHECK, CONCERT AND BACKSTAGE PASSES!!!!!
Emily: No way!! How much did it all cost?!
Melissa: About 300 Simoleans, but it’s worth it!
Emily: Cool!


Emily: So how do I look, Melissa?

Melissa: Oh, you lookin’ FINE with a capital F! Come on! We’re gonna be late for the concert!

The amphitheatre at the Civic Center wasn’t really that big, only the size of a small stadium. It sat about 1000 people, not small but not like a six hundred thousand seat football stadium!

Leave it to my good friend Melissa Fancey to throw away $300 to get us amazing seats! We were able to witness the magic of a stage show coming together!

Emily: When does it begin?
Melissa: In a little while, the roadie still has to test the amps!

At around 7, the band hit the stage. The intro was this absolutely amazing drum solo! I have never seen someone drum roll for that long without losing energy! And he was using the timpani mallets to create a very loud bass effect on his drum kit!

Soon the entire band hit the stage! Fireworks and lasers shot off as they cranked out a hit single from their debut album! The crowd went INSANE! This is why I love rockers so much!

The guy playing the Les Paul, Vincent Tervato is also the lead singer. He has an amazing voice that really projects to the audience!

Even though Vincent is a good guitarist, most of their recognizable riffs, blazing guitar solos and power chords come from the lead guitarist, Joe Cavender. His guitar playing skills are akin to those of Randy Rhoads or Eddie Van Halen!

Even though I already mentioned him, The drummer, Mike Hemsberg is an extremely talented drummer and really reminds me of Neil Peart from Rush!

However, there was one member of the band that really stood out for me......

The guy playing the bass guitar is probably the most handsome man I have ever seen, Slicked black hair, beautiful green eyes, chiseled jaw line. I have never believed in love at first sight.....but this guy just made me believe!

Emily: Yo Melissa! Who’s the bassist?

Melissa: The bass player? His name is Ian, Ian Howlett! He’s good isn’t he?

Soon, the band finished their final encore and the concert was over. Not for us, though! We still have our backstage passes and I can meet Ian! I just hope that his good looks match his personality!


After the concert, me and Melissa showed them our passes and we went backstage!

The first thing we noticed was the lead singer and rhythm guitarist , Vincent Tervato was absolutely surrounded by women! They seem to like him, A LOT.

Meanwhile, Melissa was busy getting an autograph from the Lead Guitarist, Joe Cavender! That’s why you pay good money for backstage passes!

Then, Standing right before me, was the new man of my dreams, Ian. I had mustered enough courage to approach him delicately.

Then, he spoke to me, in a soft, sweet angelic voice, American accent, but with a mix of other nationalities.
Ian: Hey there, what’s your name?
Emily: Well....I’m....
Ian: Hey, I recognize you! You’re that really pretty girl that was looking at me the entire concert!

Ian: I’m Ian, Ian Howlett.
Emily: Emily Hartman, and I really like the fact that you said I was pretty, because I believe I just met the most sexiest man in the world!
Ian:’re just saying that!

Melissa: Oh my LORD!! Emily that is SOOO cute! I need to snap a Polaroid of you two!!

Best. Night. EVAH!! That’s when I met my knight in shining armor for the first time!!!

(The Next Day)
Melissa: So how did you like the concert?
Emily: I loved it!
Melissa: You and Ian really seemed to hit it off yesterday!
Emily: Yeah....
Melissa: Handsome, muscular, you want to totally do him, don’t you?
Emily: MELISSA!!!!!
Melissa: I’m just teasing! And guess what? I gave him your number!!
Emily: You did not just say that...
Melissa: I DID! He told me he really would like to see you again! I’m sure a fine-ass fella like him gets all the girls, but this time he really seems to like you, you lucky biatch!

Pretty soon, he began to CALL ME! Me and Ian would engage in conversations and the sort, mabye Melissa was right...maybe he DOES like me! Pretty soon, I gathered enough courage to invite him over my house!

When I invited him over, It felt really weird, I was hanging out with a veritable celebrity! And best of all, it seemed like he viewed me as a legitimate friend and not just another fangirl. And also he really seemed to open up about the history of the band.

Ian: The band started when Vinny and Joe were in high school. They both took up the guitar and started a rock band. Because they were 2 guitarists, they needed a rhythm section. I was friends with Joe at the time and they needed a bassist. So they brought me into the studio, introduced me to Vin and I began to play a simple tune. Vin looked at me and told me “your hired” We found Mike the drummer through a really bad cover band. The band sounded like shit, but Mike was a very talented drummer. We welcomed him onboard and that’s when RoughRider was born! We recorded 2 albums and this is our second U.S tour!

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