Saturday, September 24, 2011

"Emily's Story" Fall 1991 by fraroc

Fall 1991

Ian: Hey Emily....notice anything different?

Emily: You grew out your goatee!! I think it looks SO sexy!!
Ian: Thank you Emily, I grew it out with you in mind!

The remaining months of my first pregnancy were a busy few months, most of the time was spent shopping for new baby items. Pacifiers, onsies, baby toys.. you name it. Also we hired an interior decorator to do the spare room next to Me and Ian's bedroom. I can honestly say it looks perfect for a little bundle from heaven!

Ian, shockingly was looking so foreward to becoming a Dad! I was really surprised because back in the late 80s, early 90s it was considered very uncool for a rocker to settle down. In RoughRider's case, Ian was the first band member to get a real girlfriend, then he was the first to get married, and now he's going to be the first one to have a child.

Then, on November 20th, 1991. It happened. I remember sitting on the couch when I felt a sharp pain and water and blood trickled out of my vagina. I knew right away....the baby was coming!

Ian called an ambulance that took me to he hospital, where they found out that the baby's heart rate was faster than they wanted, they wanted to cut me open and do a C section, but I insisted on natural childbirth...

Doctor: You're doing good Mrs.Howlett! I can see the head!! There it is!!

After about Six long, dreadful hours of childbirth...a healthy 6lb baby boy, OUR baby boy was born...

Me and Ian already decided on a name if it was a boy. We named him James after Ian's middle name. Incidentally, if it were a girl we probably would have named her Esther after Ian's mother. We spent the rest of the day welcoming James Howlett (Yes, that is Wolverine's real name) into the world.

I can assure you, motherhood is not an easy task, Me and Ian work as a team to make sure our little wonder was well-nurtured!

However, no matter what I am ALWAYS on diaper duty. Ian won't even TOUCH a dirty diaper. In one respect, I don't blame him (the whole rockstar image, you know?) On the other hand, I can't wait until we do potty training, I'm totally gonna force him to take care of it! I know, I'm evil.

Nonetheless, Ian is very good with kids, no doubt about it. It turns out that he treated his sister's children very well and he was looking forward to raising kids of his own!

He is just so precious.

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